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Annie's T Cakes
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What's the origin story for your food business?


I was born in New York City, but moved every three years amongst smaller, rural cities in the South and Midwest where I saw the harsh realities of how we produce and handle food in America. Here I learned about the harm inflicted on people and animals by our current agricultural system and decided to adopt a plant-based diet. That decision meant a lot of the staples I grew up eating were no longer an option. 

After working at environmental nonprofits and food tech companies, I decided to start Annie's T Cakes to help myself and others once again partake in culturally important foods while also helping to improve the food system. In addition to building a vegan brand, I also use compostable packaging and try to reuse shipping materials to reduce waste.

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Why is it important for you to bring food to the world?


Food binds us together. For so long, my dietary choices meant I would no longer participate in food traditions I grew up having with my family. It's important to me to veganize these beloved Asian pastries both to reduce our environmental impact and also to provide a more dietarily accessible option for folks like me that still want to participate in food traditions in a future forward way.

Fun Facts

Annie's T Cakes made custom almond cookies for the premiere of Everything Everywhere All At Once in 2022!

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