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Doc Bones BBQ
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What's the origin story for your food business?


John "Bones" Melone has practiced the Art and Science of BBQ for nearly 30 years. To create the ultimate BBQ, Bones got schooled. He studied all the BBQ books by the masters, travelled cross country to national BBQ conferences, and trained personally with the nation's top pitmasters. He is a certified BBQ judge. Since then he has constantly worked to refine his signature recipes, rubs and sauces to the point of ... perfection. With a deep understanding and respect for Old School BBQ traditions, Bones combines New School competition technique, with international flavors, to create his original West Coast BBQ style.


Why is it important for you to bring food to the world?

I am a Filipino-American BBQ Pitmaster. Born in the Philippines, raised in the Bay Area. BBQ is the means by which I connect to other people. Every culture has its own expression of BBQ. I borrow the best from these traditions to create my own BBQ style.


What is one specialty we should try?

North Carolina meets the Philippines in our Signature dish, BBQ'd Lumpia. Crunchy, deep-fried lumpia, filled with BBQ'd pulled pork, brisket or smoked chicken. Served with a Carolina garlic-vinegar dipping sauce.

Fun Facts

  • John won blue ribbons at the Alameda County Fair and Competed on Season 2 Episode 2 of BBQ Pitmasters.

  • He retired from General Surgery in 2020 to pursue his passion of cooking BBQ.

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