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Lola's Spanish Cuisine

What's the origin story for your food business?

Felix and Adriana, co-founders of Lola's Spanish Cuisine, hail from Spain and El Salvador. They met, got married, and aspired to share their culinary heritage with others, fostering connections through food. Upon relocating to the United States, they decided to transform their dream into a reality, focusing on Spanish cuisine. They started at local farmers' markets and community events in the Bay Area. Encouraged by their success, they expanded their reach, offering their signature packaged "Tortilla Española" Spanish Frittata across supermarkets in the Bay Area.


Why is it important for you to bring food to the world?


Currently, Felix and Adriana continue to provide catering for events and their community. Additionally, they are actively seeking a location to establish their own restaurant, with the ultimate goal of creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where patrons can gather to relish authentic Spanish flavors and experience a sense of community and connection.

Fun Facts

Lola's Spanish Cuisines is the sole producer of authentic "Tortilla Española" Spanish Frittatas in the United States

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