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What's the origin story for your food business?


Momolicious was started in 2017 by Anup Bajracharya and Sudeep Khatiwada with a goal of introducing little known Nepalese cuisine all over the Bay Area. After months of planning and research we thought Food Truck would be the best way to present Nepalese delicacy as we could be anywhere at at anytime. Anup graduated from SF State in Hospitality Management and Interned at Anzu To You Food Truck which ultimately gave birth to Momolicious.


What is your connection to food?


Growing up in the Heart Of Nepal, Kathmandu, we were exposed to a lot of Food and culture. After moving to the US we saw The Bay Area was very diverse in culture and food but lacked Nepalese cuisine we thought it would be best if we introduce it ourselves.


Why is it important for you to bring food to the world?


People often mistake Nepalese cuisine as Indian Food. Yes Indian food is great but Nepalese cuisine is different if we dive deep further into it.

Fun Facts

  • Steph Curry and Nipsey Hussle are fans of our food!
    “Spicy momo, that’s what up,” Hussle quipped. 
    “Spicy heaven,” Curry proclaimed.

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