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OG Desserts
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What's the origin story for your food business?

"The nostalgia of eating homemade southern style scratch desserts as a kid at grandma’s house influenced my decision to expand our table. I could always smell the scent of vanilla fused with peaches, molasses or butter. A single serving was never enough. I embarked upon a journey of becoming a pastry chef because of this memory and tradition and progressed into culinary arts and has served as the inspiration behind OG Desserts…we bring the sweetness!" - Mike Jenkins


What's a specialty we should try?

Our most popular dish is our Southern Style Banana Pudding.  Our southern style Banana Pudding is prepared using organic ingredients. Our custard is prepared in a double boiler and is hand stirred for 2 hours! The custard is trifled in a vessel along with organic bananas, Nabisco Nilla wafers and topped with a toasted Italian Meringue. 

Fun Facts

  • Chef Mike career highlights include serving His Highness the Dalai Lama, Former General Colin Powell and Maya Angelou.

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