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Summer Festival


Son Nuestro

Once a mariachi, always a mariachi. This Oakland-based couple first met in a mariachi, where their shared love of this beautiful rich Mexican music grew as they performed together, and quickly became a central part of their life. The songs they perform have been passed down through generations. They proudly and with full hearts share their favorite rancheras, huapangos, boleros, sones, with their family, friends, and community. 

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Great Wall Youth Orchestra

Many of the Great Wall Youth Orchestra musicians are recent immigrants or first-generation Americans, and the orchestra offers a special connection between their origins and heritage and their life in the United States, with a focus on playing Chinese musical instruments. Notable appearances include Good Morning America, Meghan Mullally Show, and the Golden State Warriors.  

Great Wall Youth Orchestra.jpg

ASTU: If Frank Ocean and Sade had a baby, it would look like Oakland-based singer/songwriter ASTU who brings an easy, irresistible groove to her music.

Camille Safiya: A modern renaissance woman for the people, Safiya's vocals are "an ancient horn to be discovered on the ocean floor."

DJ Kream: an Oakland native bringing her signature genre mixing DJ style.


Oakland Samba Revue is the San Francisco Bay Area’s premiere banda de gafieira. Featuring a full horn section with tightly crafted original arrangements featuring 3 vocalists, O.S.R. draws on the sounds of samba de gafieira; an eclectic form of traditional samba from Brazil. O.S.R.’s unique brand of samba de gafieira includes heavy does of jazz, funk, forró, bolero and more.

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