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Winning Team

Piedmont Food Fest Raffle Winners

Our sponsors just hooked you up!

Special thanks to our amazing sponsors who just made these Food Festers' day just a little brighter!


30 min family portrait session ($350 value)

Janet Cheng

pizzieria violetta.jpg

$29 Gift Certificate

Scott Saul

Jen and Dan Cavenaugh


$20 Gift Certificate

Tanuja  Karunakar  

Kenny Hwu 

Philina Fan 

Ruchi Medhekar 

Cyndi Rodriguez 

Barry Fischer 

Leah Martinez-Kjellen

Bremily Gaplan 

Alma Vidrios Carin Bradley Sheila Bhatia Bernard Pech 

Kim Fisher 

Karen Markopoulos 

Megan Lavin

Aaron Mitchell 

Kent Klaudt 

Dewey Chi 

Mary Wells 

Caroline Jung

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