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Robert Dorsey

What's the origin story for your food business?


After spending many years operating restaurants as chef and owner I decided to take my talents on the road.  I enjoy entertaining new clients and fostering lasting relationships.  Engaging with good people and building community is in my DNA.  This is the life part of our business.  The SF Bay Area has always been home, and I consider it a blessing because it’s the melting pot that influences the global cuisines that I share with my customers.  


What is your connection to food?

My family has always come together around food.  As a child growing up in a food desert and at times missing many meals - food has always represented comforting simple abundance.  It is both a privilege and a necessity - something worthy of care and effort.  Creating a dish that people can come together and enjoy is a service that I love to provide to my community.


Why is it important for you to bring food to the world?


Sharing my African American heritage through my cuisine is a window into the culture that inspired it.  For me food has been a pathway to fulfill dreams, escape poverty, and create  legacy for my family.  Cuisine is my mechanism to impact the community.

Fun Facts

  • Dorsey created the Junior Chef’s Society, dedicated to helping underserved youth pursue careers in food
    Dorsey created an "Inauguration Day Dinner" in honor of VP-elect and Bay Area native, Kamala Harris.

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