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What's the origin story for your food business?


We started in 2010, right at the start of the food truck movement. We challenged ourselves to develop a concept that combined the steamed bun - a traditional street food in Taiwan and China - and fine-dining techniques. The result was The Chairman and we've been slinging hot buns to Bay Area Foodies since.


What is your connection to food?

As a second generation restaurant owner, Chef Curtis Lam believes that food is what families, friends, and relationships are built upon. Growing up, the kids and adults often gathered to prepare meals together and share stories about their family's origin and immigration to the US. It was around the dinner table where recipes and other family secrets were passed down. In our culture, food brings the family together and we hope our food does the same for our diners


Why is it important for you to bring food to the world?


Bao is for the people! Everyone should experience our unique spin on the traditional Bao at least once. The buns are still handmade, follow a 50 year-old family recipe, and are really delicious.

Fun Facts

  • Voted Best Food Truck by San Francisco Magazine

  • Signature dish: Coca-Cola braised pork bao, miso-cured tofu bao

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