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Satay By The Bay
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What's the origin story for your food business?

We (Elly and David) started Satay By the Bay, the only Halal Malay Singapore Food Truck in the Bay Area, to continue Elly’s mom’s legacy and to bring Singapore to the Bay. Elly was born and raised in Singapore, where she assisted her mom in preparing traditional Singaporean Malay meals. Our signature dish, satay and peanut sauce, is Elly's grandmother's recipe. Nothing is being reinvented here. It’s pure old-world charm, just as you’d find in the best of Singapore’s hawker centres, or in your traditional Singaporean Malay home. 

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What is your connection to food?

Eating is the 'main' sport in Singapore. Elly grew up helping her caterer mom since she was 13. Cooking food is like giving love to others. You cook with love, and then you serve others with love. 

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Why is it important for you to bring food to the world?

Our mission to bring Singapore flavors to the masses inspired by my grandmother's homemade peanut sauce.

Fun Facts

  • My nickname is The Satay Queen of San Francisco

  • Our skewers are marinated for more than 24 hours

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